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DIY Artificial Insemination

Course Instructor:

John Greenwood

prices subject to region call for more details!

Professional Cattle Foot-Trimming

Course Instuctor:

Pieter Kloosterman

(Top Dutch Instructor)

£985 exc VAT

£195 exc VAT Check day

Herdsman Foot Trimming

3 Day Course

Small groups

for individual tuition

prices subject to region call for more details!

Cattle Foot Trimming Grinding

This is an advanced procedure course and all those attending must have previously attended a recognised basic foot trimming course.

prices subject to region call for more details!

Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines

Best Practice Using Veterinary Medicines on Farm. The course is for Farmers and is a combined classroom and hands on course.

prices subject to region call for more details!

Practical Calf Management

Courses are supervised by experienced Veterinary Surgeons and professional calf rearers. All major aspects of calf health and rearing from birth to twelve weeks will be covered
prices subject to region call for more details!

Lambing Workshop

Lambing Workshop Training Course for Farmers. A one day, practical, hands-on workshop.
Course Instructor:
Celia Maddock, MRCVS

prices subject to region call for more details!

Dairy Engineering

The course includes classroom work and a practical milking workshop!

prices subject to region call for more details!


Emergency First Aid on Farm

An approved workshop covering all aspects of emergency first aid whilst also touching on the importance of bio-security and health and safety.

prices subject to region call for more details!

Blocking and Bandaging

A must-do workshop for all herdsmen. This course will help you refine your blocking and bandaging skills.

prices subject to region call for more details!

Small Holders Workshop

This workshop will cover welfare, husbandry, breeding and legal issues involved for those new to keeping livestock.

prices subject to region call for more details!

Farm Course Dates

All available course dates can be found below

Lay Scanning for Farmers

4 Day Course

Small groups

for individual tuition

£1250 exc VAT

Sheep Scanning

2 Day Course

Small groups

for individual tuition

£595 exc VAT

12th-February 14th-February DIY AI Norfolk/Suffolk
12th-February 14th-February Herdsman Foot TrimmingDenbighshire
13th-February 14th-February Sheep Scanning North Shropshire & Walford College
19th-February 22nd-February Lay Scanning Cheshire
19th-February 21st-February DIY AI Bedfordshire
19th-February 21st-FebruaryHerdsman Foot TrimmingOxfordshire
26th-February 28th-February Herdsman Foot TrimmingCarmarthenshire
5th-March7th-MarchHerdsman Foot TrimmingCheshire
5th-March7th-MarchDIY AI Cheshire
5th-March 8th-MarchLay Scanning Ireland
5th-March 8th-March Lay Scanning Northern Ireland
15th-March 16th-March Herdsman Foot TrimmingNorthern Ireland
12th-March 14th-March Herdsman Foot TrimmingIreland
13th-March15th-MarchDIY AI Northern Ireland
19th-March21st-MarchHerdsman Foot TrimmingAyrshire
19th-April 19th-AprilSafe use of Vet MedsScotland
23rd-March 23rd-March Lambing techniquesCheshire
29th-March29th-MarchMobility Scoring Workshop Cheshire
26th-March 28th-MarchDIY AI Gwent
3rd-April5th-AprilDIY AI North Wales
3rd-April5th-AprilHerdsman Foot TrimmingAberystwyth
9th-April11th-AprilDIY AI Cornwall
9th-April11th-AprilHerdsman Foot TrimmingShropshire
9th-April12th-AprilLay Scanning Cheshire
13th-April13th-AprilCalf Management Cheshire
16th-April18th-AprilHerdsman Foot TrimmingMonmouthshire
16th-April18th-AprilDIY AI SW Scotland
23rd-April25th-AprilDIY AI Oxfordshire
20th-April 20th-April Professional Foot Trimming - Check Day Cheshire
21st-April21st-AprilProfessional Foot Trimming - Exam Day Cheshire
23rd-April26th-AprilProfessional Foot Trimming Cheshire
1st-May 3rd-MayHerdsman Foot TrimmingStaffordshire
1st-May 3rd-MayDIY AI Pembrokeshire
8th-May10th-MayDIY AI Aberystwyth
8th-May10th-MayHerdsman Foot TrimmingPowys
11th-May 11th-May Safe Use of Veterinary Medicines Cheshire
15th-May 17th-MayHerdsman Foot TrimmingGwent
14th-May 16th-MayDIY AIHerefordshire
21st-May23rd-MayDIY AILeicestershire
21st-May23rd-MayHerdsman Foot TrimmingNorfolk/Sufolk
29th-May31st-MayDIY AIDevon
29th-May31st-MayHerdsman Foot TrimmingCarlise
4th-June6th-JuneDIY AICambridge
4th-June6th-JuneHerdsman Foot TrimmingWarwickshire
11th-June13th-JuneDIY AIYorkshire
11th-June13th-JuneHerdsman Foot TrimmingYorkshire
18th-June20th-June DIY AIHerefordshire
18th-June20th-June Herdsman Foot TrimmingDorset
22nd-June22nd-JuneMobility Scoring Workshop Cheshire
25th-June27th-JuneDIY AI Derbyshire
2nd-July4th-JulyHerdsman Foot TrimmingLincoln
2nd-July4th-JulyDIY AI Cheshire
9th-July11th-JulyHerdsman Foot TrimmingNorthumberland
9th-July11th-JulyDIY AI Northumberland
16th-July18th-JulyHerdsman Foot TrimmingCheshire
16th-July18th-JulyDIY AI Somerset
23rd-July25th-JulyDIY AI Conwy
24th-July26th-JulyHerdsman Foot TrimmingSouth Wales
1st-August3rd-August DIY AI Jersey
1st-August3rd-August Herdsman Foot TrimmingJersey
6th-August8th-AugustDIY AI Isle of Man
6th-August8th-AugustHerdsman Foot TrimmingIsle of Man
13th-August15th-AugustDIY AI Powys
13th-August15th-AugustHerdsman Foot TrimmingCeredigion
20th-August22nd-AugustDIY AI Oxfordshire
20th-August22nd-AugustHerdsman Foot TrimmingOxfordshire
28th-August30th-August DIY AI Glamorgan
28th-August30th-AugustHerdsman Foot TrimmingLeicestershire
3rd-September5th-September DIY AI Aberystwyth
3rd-September5th-September Herdsman Foot TrimmingGwynedd
11th-September 13th-September DIY AI Caernarfon
10th-September12th-September Herdsman Foot TrimmingHerefordshire
17th-September19th-September DIY AI Fife
17th-September19th-September Herdsman Foot TrimmingFife